2022 Kawasaki Z650RS Combines Today’s Technology With Retro Style


Prepare for Europe, because there is a revolution that comes from Kawasaki. Well, calling it a revolution is stretching it a bit because in all honesty it’s just another standard middleweight, but Kawasaki is presenting a new model for our friends across the world. ‘pond. The bike in question is the retro-inspired Z650RS, which offers the best of the Z650 range with a design aesthetic that hints at the late 1970s. So it’s a bare bike with a round headlight, two gauges and a set of handlebars. As trite as it sounds, it’s actually a welcome addition to the market as these retro rigs are extremely comfortable and practical as hell.

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You say you want a retrovolution

Kawasaki has offered retro bikes in the past (see the W650), but the latest examples have really hit home for this Japanese manufacturer. Kawasaki designers have looked to history, especially their own model line, to find machines that deserve the retro treatment. In 2018, they introduced the Z900RS which was a tribute to the legendary Z1. Given the success of this modern classic, Kawasaki turned to the Z1’s little brother, the older Z650, for a similar update.

Produced from 1976 to 1983, the original Z650 was an air-cooled 652cc inline-four that could produce 64 hp. It was a middleweight middleweight with a lot of power and thanks to its timeless design it was ripe for an update.

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In fact, Kawasaki didn’t have to think much about the Z650RS as they already have a 650 mill in their stable, albeit a twin instead of a four, and they offer this engine in a modern supernaked, the Z650. current. After applying some retro features to the contemporary Z650, the RS has come to life. The retro bike comes with the 649cc parallel twin that Kawasaki has offered for years in the Ninja 650, a platform they even use for racing on the Isle of Man TT.

In stock, this engine produces 67 horsepower and 47 lb-ft of torque. For the RS, Kawasaki chose to detune the engine slightly to improve its low end while cradling it in the same tubular frame as the Z650. And while they were there, they decided to use the same futuristic exhaust. Granted, this pipe doesn’t seem out of place, but you can bet aftermarket vendors are already working on a retro-looking replacement.

When will retrovolution arrive in North America?

A rider in a 2022 Kawasaki Z650RS in town.

By: Kawasaki

As is often the case, it would appear that motorcyclists in North America are being cheated. Manufacturers always bring in the coolest middleweights from Europe, and if we’re lucky, they end up making their way to Canada and the United States. This is, hopefully, the case with the Z650RS, as Kawasaki will begin offering the bike in Europe from November 2021 at a price starting at £ 7,549 (around $ 10,220).

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