Honda PH claims new BeAT is the perfect scooter for beginners


MANILA: Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI) officially launched the new BeAT, which features Enhanced Intelligent Power (eSP), Combined Braking System (CBS) and a fuel efficient engine. Notably, according to Honda, this scooter is best suited for beginners.

The BeAT comes with an informative digital speedometer panel with ecological indicator, tubeless tires, a combination headlight and signal light group, a sharp tail light brake and a signal light group. It has a seat height of 740mm, which makes it even more suitable for new riders.

The CBS of the new BeAT optimizes energy production by minimizing efficient combustion with quiet starting and an environmentally friendly engine.

The BeAT also comes with an Idle Shutdown System (ISS) which automatically shuts the engine off during brief stops to make the scooter fuel efficient.

Along with the launch of the new BeAT, HPI shared these “four B’s” that any novice rider should keep in mind:


Find a friend who knows motorcycles. It is important to talk to someone who is familiar with riding a motorcycle before purchasing, as they can provide their riding know-how and share stories that can help decide which model of motorcycle to buy.

Watch burst videos on motorcycle riding

Many motorcycle vlogs featuring the road trips of other bikers are uploaded to social networks. Watching these videos will surely fuel everyone’s passion to start their very first motorcycle ride. Motorcycle vlogs and reviews can also serve as a guide for buying a motorcycle and other engine parts.

Buy the right motorcycle

For those who do not yet have driving experience Honda recommends scooters because they are fully automatic, lightweight, easy to handle and equipped with safety features. One of their beginner-friendly scooter models is the new BeAT, which makes every ride smooth and economical.

Be a student

Register with a driving center. Honda is the only motorcycle manufacturer to have its own driving school in the Philippines. The Honda Safety Driving Center (HSDC) is HPI’s road safety advocacy arm and a premier training ground for good driving and driving skills. He helps his students learn the basics of motorcycle operation, road safety and courtesy to other bikers.

HSDC instructors always remind aspiring riders how important road safety is. They believe that “skills and techniques can be mastered later, but the bottom line is that all road users share the same values ​​in road safety”.

HSDC provides training on how to lift a fallen motorcycle, passenger riding, emergency braking, identification of switches and standard controls, safe turns, proper riding posture, and the pros and cons brake.

Interested student riders can visit the official HSDC Facebook page for more details.

By following these four B’s, every rider will surely feel the joy of mobility and the thrill of riding.

The new Honda BeAT is available in three striped patterns: Street, Fashion Sport and Premium. Prices start at P67,400.

To learn more about Honda motorcycles, log on to the official HPI website at and follow Honda Philippines, Inc. on Facebook and @hondaph_mc on Instagram. For any inquiries, call (02) -8581-6700 at 6799 or (0917) 884-6632.

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