Teenager “speeding” through streets on stolen motorbike dies in crash


A teenager died after being thrown “six feet” into the air when he crashed into another vehicle as he “sped” along the roads on a stolen motorcycle, according to an investigation.

Karnveer Singh Purewal, who was not wearing a helmet, was thrown from the Honda motorcycle and “bounced” off the side of the road after colliding with a car traveling in the opposite direction.

According to Birmingham Live, the 19-year-old failed to slow down as he “squeezed” between traffic along Beacon Road, Great Barr on June 27, 2019.

He was left covered in blood and lay “motionless” on a grassy edge after making a career out of the hood of the white Ford Mondeo and was thrown off the motorcycle.

Witnesses claim the biker – who died instantly from his injuries – drove speeds of up to 60 mph in the 30 mph zone, the Black Country Coroners Court has learned.

The collision took place moments after a violent armed robbery of five masked men in the Barr Beacon Nature Reserve, which allegedly involved Mr Purewal.

Mr. Purewal was seen cycling away after owner Shaun Field was brutally kicked from the motorcycle and punched and kicked “repeatedly”.

Aaron Dhaliwal, left, Nirvair Lall and Inderjot Singh, right.

Nigel Barnes was driving his white Ford Mondeo when he spotted Mr. Purewal driving what he believed to be up to 60 mph.

He was riding on the opposite roadway, on Beacon Road, as the motorcycle headed towards him.

In a statement read to the coroners court, he said: “My very first thought was ‘God, he’s going fast’.

“The motorcycle did not slow down or attempt to adjust its position on the road at any time.

“I put my brakes on. It hit the hood on the passenger side, then spiraled up above my vehicle.

“There was a huge thud, then everything calmed down. I realized he had blood on his face and was still.”

An autopsy revealed Mr Purewal, of Copthall Road, Handsworth, suffered multiple skull fractures and died from fatal head injuries sustained in the crash – which took place at the junction between Beacon Road and Wimperis Way.

Nirvair Lall leaving Birmingham Rep Theater for a Birmingham court case.
Nirvair Lall leaving Birmingham Rep Theater for a Birmingham court case.

Toxicologists found evidence of cannabis in his blood and urine, but could not determine exactly when he took the drug, the court said.

Coroner Joanne Lees concluded that Mr. Purewal died from a traffic accident during Wednesday’s inquest.

No member of Mr. Purewal’s family was present in court to hear the coroner’s judgment.

Detective Sergeant Kerry Haywood, the officer in charge of the case, said: “The motorcycle was seen on CCTV squeezing in and out of traffic. Shortly before impact, it was in the lane. He was traveling in the oncoming traffic lane.

“The Ford Mondeo comes around the corner at a slow pace and the bike literally rolls right over it.

“The Ford Mondeo had no chance to move, brake or react.

“But the rider of the bike did not apply the brakes on the bike and drove straight ahead of the Ford Mondeo, causing the rider and the bike to get off the ground and [going] in the air.

“The cyclist landed and the bike landed on top of him, bouncing and falling to the sidewalk.”

The West Midlands police officer admitted that the force had not filed any forensic collision reports at the scene, saying; “We all knew what caused the crash.”

Officers concluded that Mr. Purewal was simply speeding up by watching CCTV from the nearby Barr Beacon School that captured the crash, she said.

Aaron Dhaliwal, Nirvair Lall and Inderjot Singh were jailed in March for the violent robbery.

Birmingham Crown Court heard that the victim, Mr Field, traveled to Barr Beacon Nature Reserve on his Honda bike to relax before heading home for dinner.

He had been there for about 30 or 40 minutes and was leaving his Beacon Way exit at around 7:40 p.m. when he spotted a gray Ford Fiesta.

He noticed men inside the vehicle who were all wearing “balaclavas”.

They pulled over to try to block him on a single track, but he was “attacked from all angles” as he tried to pass, the court was told.

He was kicked off his Honda motorcycle and suffered a severe stroke in which he was kicked, punched and stomped by three or four men.

Lall, 21, of Great Barr, denied the theft but was found guilty after a trial and jailed for three and a half years.

The other two defendants admitted the same accusation.

Dhaliwal, 22, from Great Barr was jailed for two years and four months and Inderjot Singh, 21, from Warwick, was sentenced to three years and one month.

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